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Laser Hair Comb & Infusing Comb

Laser Hair Comb & Infusing Comb
Laser Hair Comb & Infusing Comb has Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) which has been proven effective for hair growth. Today more and more medical doctors use Low Level Laser to treat thinning hair.

 The product works by using low level laser light energy to heat and massage the scalp, while simultaneously expanding the pores. The invisible infrared light increases cellular metabolism and increases blood circulation and oxygen supply, which makes it an effective form of hair restoration.

All together there are nine lasers in the Laser Comb. You use the Laser Comb three times per week for twenty minutes each time, preferably every other day. Use it for at least 20 minutes at a time, letting the lasers nourish the hair follicles and stimulate them to grow your hairs thicker, fuller and healthier.

The Laser Comb uses rechargeable batteries. There is also a power supply to plug into the device that will charge the batteries while they are in the Laser Comb. It is wireless and it comes with UK, EU and USA plugs so you can take it and charge it anywhere in the world.
Also included is a second Infusing Comb for applying hair growth lotion. Steel beads evenly infuse lotion such as minoxidil through micro massage of vibration.
  • It's safe, gentle, nourishing and works on both men and women.
  • Nine Individual Lasers each with 650nm/5mw of power 45mw in total
  • Comfortable styled designed with easy grip
  • Wireless or Wired
  • User Manual
  • 2nd Comb for applying hair growth lotion
  • Complies with the FDA requirements for laser safety
  • 1 Year Guarantee

First Month Of Use

In the first month, you may begin to notice some shedding of fine hairs. Don't be alarmed this just means the treatment is working.

Every hair follicle has a 4 stage cycle of growth and shedding that it naturally goes through while it is still active. The last of these stages is where the hair falls out. It is then soon followed by a new hair emerging from the follicle.

If you see more shedding than usual, be encouraged. It's a good sign. This means that the laser treatment is stimulating the natural cycle of the follicles that were in the last stage. This will soon be followed by more and thicker hair.


Second Month Of Use

You may still see some shedding, but by the middle of this month, this will probably be coming to an end.

By now you can start to see some emerging hairs coming out of the scalp.


Third Month Of Use

By now there won't be any shedding.

At this point you should definitely see some hairs emerging from the scalp. Continue using the Jordan Carroll Comb. The laser therapy is bringing back follicles that had started to fall into inactivity.

This is around the time people start to get really excited. It's usually quite a relief to see your own hair coming back in and know that you have a permanent, safe answer.


Fourth Month Of Use

In the fourth month you will be seeing a substantial amount of hair regrowth.


Fifth Month Of Use

Continued use in the coming months will bring even fuller results. In the clinical salons you buy a treatment program typically from six months to a year. In this time frame you will see pretty full results from the treatments.
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